Typical Life

Poem By Alicia Gomez

Another fight another day
More money gone spent away
On a shirt or a watch
When will the chaos stop
He says the money's his he can do what he wants
While shes goin crazy cuz the lesson can't be taught
Its gettin kinda out of control
And this issues gettin old
Cant you just learn that we're living in hell
Life is deffinately not that well
With bills to pay and we're running out of money cuz its being spent away
I dont wanna live a life of fear that we'll be on the streets in a couple years
Cant you just care for us
And stop blaming us
She does a lot doesnt get anything for herself
Bcause shes spending and feeding everyone else
I dont wanna take sides
But Im sick of the lies
Cant you just grow up and take responsibility
And stop acting like we're living like kings and queens
Dream all you want but that will get you nowhere
And thats another reason why lifes unfair
But you just gotta wake up and see
That lifes not where you want it to be
Just wake up and see
That the fights need to end that your hearts need to mend
Just Wake Up And See
All I want is a happy family

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Beautiful poem Alicia but very sad

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