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Typical Modes-Cauchy3
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Typical Modes-Cauchy3

Typical modes…
Hara-KIRI failed to failure.
Fable works exert our tissues.
Bloody crowned are crows with horror.
Slopes to view are juries as looping.
Mop up works are all as powers.
Gauges on views are lights with strollers.
Gauges on views are strobes with lighting.
Typical modes are kings for killing.

Typical times are nails for painting.’
Typical works are words mislaying.
Typical modes are meters modules.
All about to solids are solutes.

Rocks will give up as soared as waters.
Taiwan papers trails are adders.
Wow our worlds are law concealed.
Thunders lights are all revealed.

Taiwan waters as all are pure.
All are ways of beauty turns.
Go to ends and go to yes.
Go to minds as all are ends.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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