Typical Victoria Weather

The sun it does seem to be struggling through the dark gray clouds for to shine
And though rain is in the weather forecast the day it is holding out fine
'Tis the typical sort of weather one expects of Victoria's Fall
Threatening to rain very often though on the dry side overall
A flock of silver gulls for food are begging by the forseshore on the pavement of the street
Some of them with part of one or their two legs missing and some others with very sore feet
To infections in their feet they must be quite vulnerable their handicaps with them through their short lives remain
Their crippled feet must feel painful pity for them in their pain
Returning once more to the weather the sun out and shining again
The weather forecaster may have it wrong today 'tis not likely to rain
Nature herself she is fascinating such insights from her we do gain
Yet we know so little about her as her ways as a mystery to us does remain
The scientists are learning from her and artists and writers she does inspire
And she always does fill me with wonder and her I can only admire.

by Francis Duggan

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