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Typo Human
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Typo Human

What are typos?
For I do not know,
so please inform me of this.
Some think they know all
and show as if they do,
yet I am imperfect.
Like a human,
like you.

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Jodilee I don't know what typo's are either when you find out please let me know! ! ! Séamus
I agree with Lawrence (I sometimes do) . He likes the concept of Jodilee's poem. I like the concept, the whole person and maybe even some of her 'typo's'. I haven't looked at Zoe's 'works' but it will undoubtedly prompt me to comment. I will try to be less harsh A typo is also generally accepted to be (common use acceptance) an error resulting from human error, not exclusively from mechanical failure. I hope this helps even more. H
Was this written in five minutes? No, surely, it didn't take that long. Please, put some effort into what you write if you feel the need to post it. And if this is supposed to contain some sort of message towards anyone in particular, maybe someone who has critiqued your work in a way you didn't like, you should probably assess the fact that your inability to accept honest criticism could be crippling to your writing style. But if not, then please forgive me, for I am like a human too. Oh, just for reference, here is dictionary.com's definition of a typo: n: a mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some kind. I hope that helps.
Interesting! Your poem implies that, perhaps, God did not make us as perfect as we think! There are physical imperfections and mental imperfections! I like the concept of your poem! Thanks...