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Tyrants Newest Weapons-Cauchy3
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Tyrants Newest Weapons-Cauchy3

Tyrant newest weapons..
Roads will open to tyrants.
Wicked and crafty hot and poison got on passes.’
Even a stopping clock is right in twice a day.
Lords commit injustices all commodities legal critics cause by me.
Weave their signals tyrants are hands to hands.
Welcome tyrants friends as idols and tools are always.
Quotes to candles all are burning waxes.
Wars are tyrants’ arms.
Friends are tyrants’ newest weapons.
Loves to loves a peace will need as even.
Please embargo to china.
Give no rights to wrongs of tyrants.
Sayings great are motions.
Rotated worlds have rotated laws.
Bells to WETHERS signal all to gods are Christen ponies.
All a thing is so dreadful than you can see.
Welcomes tyrants all are sins.
First is there as cruel treatment.
Second is there a fan in evil weaving hands.
Saying loves have no points.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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