Tyrany Unfolded.

It is indeed very strong,
The circle of your tyranny.
But have you ever seen,
The power of our endurance?
The style with which it spreads?
It is way beyond the limits of your cowardice,
Manifested as oppression and tyranny.
A firm belief remains awake in our eyes,
And it assures us,
A fragrant season is in offing,
To cleanse this earth and
To make your cruelty whither away.
For centuries the face of humanity
Which has the discolored version
Courtesy your oppression,
Will glow with happiness on that day.
Eons have passed and humanity has this
Unending endurance in the face of your hardships.
All the forefathers had this dream,
To see the shackles melt away,
Throats and voices becoming soft,
Once your chains are loosened, broken.
The voices then become our ornaments.
And the doors of gallows open up,
Like petals on a spring day.
Lo, the fragrance is now everywhere,
Amongst us, in our backyards and streets.
To all who have been subjugated,
Will hear it and rejoice in the death
Of your tyrant schemes.

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Makes me think of tyrany at all levels: social, political, personal. Beautiful rebellion