Tyre Kicker

Those who go to auctions to look but not to buy are called tyre kickers and where those words came from I could not even say
Only know if you call someone a tyre kicker respect to that person in words you do not pay
It means he or she are only sticky beaking just there to have a look and nothing more
They just stand quietly in the background watching like statues standing by an entrance door.

Perhaps tyre kicker comes from the would be car buyer for to test the wheel he gently kicks the tyre
And then he offers half of the car's value confidence such people never do inspire
Remember I am just offering a theory for to whom the words tyre kicker might apply
People are condemned because they are onlookers though even of the bidders only one will buy.

The words 'tyre kicker' are used as put down words by those who are not generous and kind
Those who value you only by what you can offer and people like that are not hard to find
Men even found fault with the great one Jesus and was there ever half as great as he?
They tortured him and then they crucified him and nailed him to a cross on Calvary.

Suppose worse could happen to you than be called tyre kicker
since human Nature has not changed since Jesus time
For to be seen as a non bidder at an auction to some is seen as an unwritten crime
And some always put themselves before others 'tis our gift of survival one might say
The son of God was crucified by mankind and one like him too would be crucified today.

by Francis Duggan

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