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U Decide The Climax - But Its Horror! ! !
SB (03-06-1990 / coimbatore (now in chennai) ..)

U Decide The Climax - But Its Horror! ! !

Poem By shyam balaji

During a dark dense quiet night
on cloudy day's dim light,
I saw the most horror frightened sight.

I rushed into house in terror,
gathering there was some error,
grew anxious to infer.

Stains of blood on red carpet,
drops of it leaking on bed,
from the roof's top was terrific threat.

Dreadful two spirit's voices heard,
one good another bad,
good promised a reward.

But bad cried, 'I am hungry lush
give me your sappy red flesh
will I have a frolic flush'.

Ghastly two doors opened,
inside, both equally darkened,
nothing seen inside, my sweat down flooded.

'Is my fate a death hard,
or a happy reward',
my hearts questioned.

My decision being my fate,
I entered a door off late,

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Comments (2)

Well written.. liked the way u hv ended em...! !
I understand you intent. However, the development needs more to coonect to the 'average' reader.