MS (09-18-1960 / winston-salem, n.c.)

U Don'T Have A Clue

5' 11'
290 lbs.
Pretty ass smile,
with a dimple on the side.
Black and ugly,
but however...
I'm not the tall dark and handsome one that plays with your heart,
mind and femininity.
Just b'cause he wants 2 make love don't mean he's n love!
U don't have 2 b another love casualty.
I'm the one u walk past,
not feeling a thing.
Will it strain your neck 2 turn around.
Given half a chance,
I'll treat u like royalty.
I'm not the one u speak of,
but I'm the one who'll give u so much love.
I still smile when I look at u knowing,
A clue 2 how I crave the warmth of your touch.
How I would n'joy the gentleness of your smile.
A smile that would awaken the butterflies n me.
I'm the one who would pull down a star,
just so u can make a wish anytime.
I'll give u the sun and moon so u can have it all.
I want 2 sit down at dinner across from u as
candlelite dances n your eyes and find out
what's on your mind.
I want 2 know what makes u happy,
learn the things not 2 do,
2 make u cry.
Mental list your favorite flower,
books all things.
So I can love u better,
u don't know how I want 2 n'hale your scent
and hold my breathe never 2 release it.
Please don't take my kindness 4 weakness!
Never would I treat u like the other men did...
a one nite stand!
I'll steal a touch if u'll let me...
Marinate your flesh with oils...
Massage 2day's stress away...
If u could see yourself thru my eyes.
If u could feel what I feel.
But I'm not the one u seek!
290 lbs.
Pretty ass smile,
with a dimple on the side.
Black and ugly,
But however...

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