U F O's

There are no forms of life on other Planets if we can believe what the scientists say
Though U F O's often seen in the night sky and fresh reporting of such every day
On the media but these U F O's must have come from somewhere perhaps sent to spy on us from outer space
Perhaps after all there is life on another Planet another World of an enlightened race,
The U F O's by many have been sighted and though one of them as of yet i did not see
The evidence is strong of their existence for to convince one as sceptical as me
That stories of such sightings are not without foundation perhaps there is an advanced and enlightened race
Unbeknown to the great thinkers of our Planet in a remote Planet in far outer space
some refer to U F O's as flying saucers and describe their experience as an amazing sight
They describe an object like a huge lit up flying saucer flying through the darkened sky of night
To them tis real they do not make up stories there may be life in another World up there
And there may be another race apart from humans of which us earthlings are not yet aware,
For U F O's are often seen in the night sky by honest people who are of sound mind
And though human beings do explore for life on other Planets any trace of life they do not claim to find.

by Francis Duggan

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