U & I

Poem By Briana Knight

A piece of U hang around my neck.
It was Urs, though it was a part of me.
My touch! Yes, delivered with Ur hand but it belonged to me.
As i belonged to U.


Comments about U & I

the dramatic use of past tense heightens the impact its silent sullen defeat and torment is amplified..... nice...liked it

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Hope Without A Heart

Broken pieces of a mingled heart screams in defiance.
Abandoned and left to bleed by its twisted alliance.
Longing for the fingers that once held the peices together.
They dropped the shreds, left it to bleed forever.

Mourning Star

The merging of ice, dust, and rock.
Sheen from the wings of a fairy, the tear of a mermaid forms a block.
Twisting and turning, spinning together it takes flight.
Off like and imaginable jet, it reaches amazing height.


I allowed boredom to caress my lips with its dull fingers and whispered sweet nothings in my ear.
I welcomed its tongue as it slid down the base of my throat to the top of my breast.
Smiling at the feel of its breath along my spine, boredom promised release and ease.
I giggled while it crept over my body in the most exotic way.

I Too, Have Been Through

Why think ye, dear child, that ye stand alone?
Surely, I too, though mine time hath gone.
I hath been stepped upon, also left to be singled.
Thy's heart is not the only one to hath been mingled.

The Bathroom Stall

So much happens in the bathroom stalls.
Cute yet odd writings all over their walls.

Its seen smiles, tears, and blood drops too.