U'R My Everything

Things in this world aren’t fair
Everyone knows it
I may not be able to help you with all Ur problems
Not that you have a lot just saying I am here if you and when you need me
All I want to do is put a smile on your face
I want to be that person who’s everything a person could imagine
I may not be that person but that’s ok because i'm just me and I can’t help it
You’re my everything
You guide me through darkened forests and pouring rain
You help me up when I am down
U make me smile when I frown
I want you as my friend
I need you as my best friend
You’re my everything
Even when I can not see you you’re their right by my side looking after me
Making sure i’m alright and to keep me from falling into a hole
Where everything is dark and Theres no way out
You keep me from taking wrong turns
But if things went wrong and I no longer had you
I would fall apart and purposely fall in that hole
Don’t think the wrong way although I may have thought that but it’s not what I ment
You’re my everything and I do anything to keep you where we are right now
Don’t be afraid to ask me something
I am always on your side even when you hurt me I will always be there for you
You can trust me I promise I won’t let anything happen to you

by kim childress

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