U.S.A. Today

It's not my practice
To preach
(As you know)
But I must address
This matter-
Directly at once.

I'm god
(like in OH-MY-God.)
But Mr. God will do.

I used to be Napoleon,
Before it got taken
By that strange old
Guy that sleeps in 3-B.

So now, I'm God.
Really, don't laugh.
I make it rain and snow and
Hail. You know,
All that postman stuff.

The flowers pray to me.
I can hear their tiny voices
Crying out for justice
Against those who
Pulverize their teeny-tiny
Children under a
Finite heel.
I can't sleep
For their wailing
Never ceases. So I
Decree that all flowers must
Cease at once
Their weeping for their children

God must sleep.
Without voices
That wail and weep
And cause
Frightful dreams
That devour me
An inch at a time.
For I'm god -
Don't you see?

by Charlotte Ballard

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