U Tell Me Things

you tell me shit thats never true
you tell shit even though it's through
you tell me shit that i never want to know
i never care about the shit that you always want me to know
I never really cared what you said to me
I never really cared if people said anything
I usual just ignore all the things around
I usual just listen to my heart of sound
People try to tell me all these things that are unheard
people tell me they understand everything
but all i hear come out of their mouth is what they believe
people always tell me how they think and what they know
instead of tellin them i really don't care
Something in me just shuts up and listen anyways
I never know why i do it or why I'm even there
I never know why i do any thing
I wonder why I'm not spared
Now all i hear in my ear is this ring

by cabby desired

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