Ubiquity Ii

Ubiquity some praise, who feel
fulfilled as parts of life's machine
with nothing personal to conceal
encourge sharing. None between
the world wide web will wild cards deal,
upset the applecart, and green
call red, red green. Networks reveal
all deviance which might demean
the 'common good', the common weal.
'If I? ' or 'Why? ', 'what 'might have been'
is not to ask - an even keel
of all for all must intervene
to check iconoclastic spiel.

Ubiquity may bring to heel
the rebel with his 'motives mean',
RFID surveillance keen
controlling roles to sentence seal
where implant or some foreign gene
is introduced to circumvene
the random element and 'real'
convert to format washed and clean
where risk is channelled, where no eel
can slip between the channels, free, unseen...

by Jonathan ROBIN

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