Poem Hunter
DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)


Poem By David Taylor

How are you today?
I am good, if you are good.
No not a religious sect
but an African concept that simply says
the individual is defined
by his relations with mankind.
Those that live by Ubuntu will in death
achieve a unity with those that are left.
Ubuntu is not a divisive life
it is one that unifies.

Based on humanity to decide
the decisions made by mankind's tribe.
To be a man and grow with no pride
by recognising the humanity in all
which makes us all grow true and tall.
Faced with choices of what I own
the life of others is firstly shown
to be the principle to choose and grow.
The leader seeks to unite
all that follow his ancient sight.
He knows his power
comes from all that live
and all that lived before he did.

Sharing is a virtue sought.
If you would journey far and wide
travel with just the wind at your side.
At each homely stop
a welcome is afforded us
food and warmth of fire and heart
is freely offered until we are ready to depart.
Ubuntu says the world is one
including all the ground we're on.
Freedom is the aim
of this Ubuntu which simply says
we are all one and all the same.

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Comments (2)

A new word for me here that appears to convey through your words a good way to live life well...nice David......marci.xo
Flies in the face of the concept of 'I can only win if someone else is to lose.' Although I won't give up rooting form my team when they play yours, the Ubuntu make a hell of a lot more sense than we do. Tom