Uday And Qusay

If half of what we've heard of Uday and Qusay is true
Then they don't deserve any sympathy those two
And suppose of them it would be fair to say
That the dues they owed to karma they did pay.

But in that house a fourteen years old boy
And it cannot be said of him that he too deserved to die
At least a decade short of his prime day
His end came in a cruel and brutal way

And on those who killed them praise I shall not heap
For human life is taken far too cheap
And on others we should not impose our will
And Moses fifth commandment states thou shalt not kill.

How come in this twenty first century
That many people still too blind to see
That by the power of might the peace is never won
And only suffering and death comes through the barrel of a gun.

I cannot see hope for peace in Iraq
Until those occupying forces are withdrawn and go back
To from where they came for it would seem to me
That the Iraqi people should have the right to decide their own destiny.

Some people yet to learn I suppose
That our will on others we cannot impose
And the Iraqi people they will have their way
And on who will rule them they alone will say.

Uday and Qusay Saddam's sons are dead
And too much about them already been said
It has been said that they were callous and cruel
Only the gentle deserve for to rule.

And in a time of suffering and disquiet
Peace cannot be won by the power of might
And the kind hearted will have the power one day
And their time to rule may not be far away

by Francis Duggan

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