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Me and daddy we loaded up the ford
On the back of a flat bed truck
We thought we would take her in for repairs
For what we thought it was worth

Just about the time we were coming into town
An old cow, she got loose
She ran right out in front of the truck
That's when it all went down

The cow had jumped the fence and got in our way
Daddy tried to save the truck
Daddy gave them brakes all he had
But it wasn't to be our luck

The chains gave way holding down that ford
It was not to our desire
It sounded like a cannon round going off
When the impact exploded the tires

Well them hubcaps blew right off of that ford
And they sailed up high in the sky
And they were coming down heading right for town
As me and daddy looked on in surprise

One it hit a highline wire
That just gave it some spring
And the people looking on thought UFO's
It was the darndest thing

One it hit the church bell tower
That old bell began to ring
Lights went down all over town
And people they began to scream

The sherriff comes out, he's gonna shoot one down
As people ran all around
Then one went through the windows of his truck
And still it didn't slow down

The sherriff says, We is being attacked!
Call in the national guard!
As me and daddy are laughing on our backs
This was really a card!

The last one went through the mayors house
From where he was in the living room
It broke many dishes in his kitchen as well
As out the window it zoomed

Well the army it did come indeed
And they checked the whole town out
But all they could find of anything
Was them ford hubcaps about

The sherriff says, Naw, that ain't it!
Despite the bullet holes in it as well
I know a UFO when I see's it!
This is how the story tells

They put up a sign when you come into town
This is where UFO's are found
This put the little town right on the map
Now tourist come from all over around

Out in the streets they sell t shirts and hats
And all kinds of what nots and such
The whole country knows where it's at
It's even grown in size as much

The tourist come and the tourist go
Me and daddy visit now and then
Everytime we do we laugh to ourselves
And we always leave with a grin

The moral of this story?
Well, alright I'll let you know
What goes up must always come down
Well, sometimes
Even UFO's.

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Rudyard Kipling


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