Poem By Aram Stefanian

I had a phonecall from a UFOnaut tonight
He said he couldn't take off and needed my help
I thought someone was kidding and wanted to hang up
When he felt that, he said he was non-human

He told me where I was supposed to meet him
It was a deserted old mine, out of town
I expected to see a Reptilian, but he was a blond tall guy
And said he was one of the blue-eyed Nordic aliens

They had also oxygen on their far out planet
But most of population left for the other worlds
He asked me to give him some blood which was essential
To start the saucer and else, to feel half human

Comments about Ufonaut

Wow! And they call me crazy? I love this poem....it makes me wonder if you are serious (scary) or you are totally kidding (hope so) . If I wrote this my family would have me committed. (They already threaten) Nice job Aram. Sincerely, Mary

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