The 'N' Word

The narrative and the pain associated,
Has not been experienced...
By those who can not relate.
And the narrative in debates wont change it.
Since the usage of the 'N' word today,
Has become as complicated...
As one's preference for Chinese food,
Yet still refer to these geat and inventive people...
Who have addicted everyone to an eating done,
But can refer to them as enemies.
While those who are black,
Think nothing of degrading themselves.
Or holding themselves back with a preference.
Others offend them by a word that is used,
To remind them what they 'think' of themselves.

'What is it that you are saying? '

I remember being called the 'N' word,
By a 'friend'.
And I told him not to call me that.

What was his response? '

So 'now' you think you're better,
Than the rest of us?

'And then what did you say? '

I asked if that was a way to keep me reminded.
Because everywhere I go,
There is no denying who and what I represent.
And perhaps 'he' was uncomfortable with it.

'Where were you two when you said this to him? '

In a Chinese restaurant eating Chinese food.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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