Ugly Legs Of Peacock

Once, I danced;
Under the cloudless canopy,
With a dream of yours,
What a joyous moment it was!
I danced and danced like a peacock,
Thought, you will come....
Ah! panorama of yours', blinded,
Spotting such a joy,
Clouds came and poured,
Cloths were wet but I was dry
I Opened my eyes,
You were not present!
Abandoned the dance,
And in grief, cried I.
O! Disappointment,
'You're the ugly legs of peacock'

by Aftab Alam

Comments (23)

i'm not sure of your correctness of using yours, especially the second time when you've added an apostrophe to it. the clouds were not nice! ! ! cloths or did you mean clothes/clothing? ? Clothes are made from cloth. :) O! is ok, i guess, but i'd use Oh! are you saying that disappointment is like the ugly legs of peacock? to MyPoemList. bri :)
Lovely flow of words indeed....
Unrequited love, especially when you work so hard to be loved, can cause great pain and sadness.
Peacocks ugly legs are helpful for him, he can dance, run and defend himself with it.a nice symbolic poem.
very nice
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