RL (1988 / Zagreb, Croatia)

Ugly Mofo...

His teeth are crooked,
His hair is nappy.

When he smiles, a baby donkey dies..

He reeks of scotch,
and has bug eyes.

But in her mind, he's amazing, he's wonderful, she can't live without him

Why is this?

Not even the great lord knows,
for this woman is crazy...

All are.

If it were up to me, I'd be living in Kazakhstan in a two room shed, with a cassette player for entertainment. Hell, at least I'd get any woman I want.

But not all of us can pursue the role of Borat.

All other bitches come to me like negro's on fat white women.

But this one seems to look at me differently..

She prefers the 'ugly' kind,
claiming that looks aren't everything.

But theres a time when it just gets redick.

Life's is so complicated, but hilarious.

I friggin' love it.

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I like this. Here's your twenty characters.