Moonlight Walk

As I go out for a moonlit walk
I wonder to myself why do I talk?
Even through my wondering eyes
I see the ocean spread across the skies.

Waves crash unto a blue escape,
so I decide not to talk, and just look at the 'scape.
Even through my wishful eyes,
I see the ocean spread across the skies.

We travel through the day without really looking around
and even then we don't say anything aloud.
Why can't people look through my eyes to see the ocean spread across the skies.

by Grace Gordon

Comments (3)

I really liked this, it really touched me. Sad, but has so much truth
I like the originality of this poem, I think you should rewrite it without rhyming though, I think it detracts from your meaning in this case by forcing words that don't quite fit. There is beauty where ever someone is willing to look for it, keep writing your perspective is profound.
It is a same people judge a book by it's cover. In my eyes the treasure lays within the tattered dusty cover. Wonderful insight Patricia Gale