Breeze Through My Heart

When the dappling life become spoilt
the horizon found the line of life
When the ruddy sun lost in the dark
the woods rustle from edge to edge.
When the southern wind turns to be simoom
And the flow lost in the sand,
When the tender lives drooped in fierce
the flamming sun smashed the earth.
When the storm broken down the nest
fiery glance burnt away the bliss,
When the calender driven away spring
And the life mildly losses liveliness.

Even then, the moon expounding the earth
Rainbow coloring the cloudless air
Breeze tries to alleviating the heat
And one revolving look flavoured the heart.

by Aninda Sundar Biswas

Comments (3)

I really liked this, it really touched me. Sad, but has so much truth
I like the originality of this poem, I think you should rewrite it without rhyming though, I think it detracts from your meaning in this case by forcing words that don't quite fit. There is beauty where ever someone is willing to look for it, keep writing your perspective is profound.
It is a same people judge a book by it's cover. In my eyes the treasure lays within the tattered dusty cover. Wonderful insight Patricia Gale