Adieu, Baideo

(Memory of Dr. Mamoni Raisom Indira Goswami, famous novelist of Assam)

The power of pen comes to a halt
All words fell silent
As the lode-star closed eyes
Spreading dark across the skies

The pen will not speak anymore
Against injustice exploitation and anguish
The pen that narrated plight of widows lies silent
It silently mourns for you
As all of us mournfully all around.

The creative pen spreads love
And message of humanity
As you were peace mediator
To stop bloodbath
You were strong
A silent protestor
Against all sorts of oppression.

Smiling face that makes other happy
A long battle for life makes courageous
Though beaten badly in life
You never lost faith
But looked for
A better, happier society

You are humane and a humanist
You will live in your creation forever
In our heart
You are immortal
Our Peace Messenger...
Our Saviour beyond Time!

Baideo - an Assamese word means Elder Sister

by Bireswar Halder

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