LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

Ultimate Decision

When the earth is bathed in purple haze
And toxins choke the air
And the fields have turned to dusty brown
Will anybody care?
When the heat bakes every living thing
That God and man created
And the birds no longer sing their songs,
We'll know our time is dated;
When forests have been ripped apart
And wildlife runs afraid
That heat and thirst will kill them off
Before they find some shade,
When flowers, plants and animals
Are fading from the earth
And man is struggling to survive
And woman fails to birth,
When pestilence and sickness
Are the order of the day,
And man will kill his neighbor
For a decent spot to lay,
The ships will come from heaven
To sweep us all away -
What is your decision?
Will you go or will you stay?
Even now they hover
Far beyond the stars
Not allowed to interfere
In this life of ours
Until we make that final choice
To throw it all away -
Then the ships will come from heaven -
Will you go or will you stay?

by Linda Ori

Comments (5)

'Well I dreamed I saw the silver Space ships flying in the yellow haze of the sun'. Old Neil was on the same crusade more than 30 years ago. Rachel Carson, one of the founders of the environmental movement had her epic Silent Spring published in 1962 - a mere 45 years ago. It could be said that nobody is listening Linda, but change is probably happening very slowly. Glasgow is smog free these days? ? ! ! It's a start, small, but still a start.The volume of ice in Antarctica has increased by 8% recently, and they don't know why! There will be an ever increasing dependency on nuclear or some other form of cleaner power in the near future, and that might prove to be the crucial change. The oil will run out and that will help so long as the replacement fuel is cleaner, and gas will only last so long too. In addition new technologies will be developed I'd guess that will be designed specifically to reverse the current damaging processes. Optimist or what. I'll walk. But having said all that, the reminders and the pressure have to be maintained. No question. The consumer has to buy selectively too and has to make his/her elected representative feel the pressure. It's what democracy is for. Eloquent public statements of this quality on these issues are important. People read them, think about them, and sometimes act in whatever small way they can to bring about change. You are doing your bit to obviate the need for the Ships! Great work. jim xxx
Linda, you've made a powerful spiritual statement without it coming off as being 'too' religious... well done! ! Brian
LINDA, LINDA, LINDA....''Then the ships will come from Heaven ...................................Will you go, or will you stay... ONE OF THE BETTER POWER-CLOSES TO AN ALREADY IMPACT DRIVING PIECE THAT I'VE SEEN IN A WHILE...TEN 4 TH' RN
Seems we've said the same thing Linda, with a slight difference. Let's hope the readers who care take notice?
I reckon it's our duty to avert the need for the ships. With poems such as yours, Linda, perhaps THEY will start to listen. Good work Danny