Above, below to left or right.
There is no where that I can hide,
my muse finds me and makes me write.
My wants must go unsatisfied

She interrupts my sleep and meals
insists that I take up my pen.
She has no idea how it feels
to be forced to write again.

She wakes from my peaceful dreams
and asks me why I’m wasting time.
She has a whole new list of themes
for me to translate into rhyme.

I think she has insomnia
Or else prefers to work at night.
She’ll really have to learn I fear
I am entitled not to write.

I need to sleep, I need to eat
I need some time to call my own.
But she refuses to retreat
She thinks she occupies a throne.

And her commands I must obey
immediately without protest.
Ignoring every word I say
convinced that only she knows best.

I dig my toes in and refuse
sometimes a man must make a stand.
I only have a muse to lose
At last she seems to understand.

That I’m not at her beck and call
I have other things I must do.
Her attitude won’t do at all’
It’s something that she must review.

I only write when I want to,
not when muse decides I should.
Renewal of her contracts due
That fact alone should give her food

for thought. I may decide not to renew.
If she wants to retain her place
She will do as I tell her to
accept my bidding with good grace.

There are some muses unemployed
Seeking for opportunities
who would be simply overjoyed
to get the chance to work with me.

She really has to realise
There’s limits to my patience
which she far too often tries.
The time has come to show some sense.

I am in charge and not my muse.
Although she thinks that she should be
I’ve had enough of her abuse
She either leaves or obeys me.


http: // blog.myspace.com/poetic piers

by ivor or ivor.e hogg

Comments (4)

It is only a fool who issues an ultimatum. t x
Namasthe Ivor Sir, can you please tell her a little more loud.. Ultimatum...title scared me but it is a bit sober..I read your deadly serious even today.. it is a master piece....... I respect 10 Rema
Hey! have you been seeing my muse behind my back! ! ! ! :) nice stuff.
Splendid muse.... perhaps your could send a message to mine.... return.