SOB ( / Galway, Ireland)


Tarragon sepulchers
epitaphed repositories
telegraphed suppositories
Supplicants tarried, gone
are the regrets at last.

Entombed in the boneyard hash
corpses, marble, memories
force this gardened Gethsemane
unwombed this forty-yard dash
to his end, from his past.

Regret-full cemetery
abandoned aspirations
un-granded perspirations
forgetful seminary
is this life ungrasped.

a pensive block or two.

: if end then
: resume chaos
: end

by Seamus O' Brian

Comments (3)

This dismal cemetery walk provides a backdrop for decline, but this is only a phase...Chaos ends in new life...meatiness of mortality nourishes bones for the sprint through time.
Hey, Neal! Glad to see new postings by you. On this one I’d be interested in your process for writing it. I think I get and affirm the thrust of what you convey but wonder, am intrigued, by the last three lines. Hoping ypu are well in body and spirit, Glen
Wow this is darkish muse awesome and eloquent in wording and rhythm. Sublime poem with sepulchral terms employed perhaps in metaphor. Kudos I'm awed by this.