(13/12/1947 / LONDON)

Una Lies Abed 1997

Una lies in the bed
in the spare room
she can hear movement
in the bedroom next door

where Nuala lies
with her husband Brian
Una tries to shut out
the sounds

imagines it's
some others making love
bed bouncing
against the wall

wishing it was her
and Nuala making love
them making the bed bounce
as they did that last time

at her place before
she lost her home
and that first time
when they met

at a party
and it just happened in bed
and Brian unaware
his wife was being bedded

by a woman
the sounds get faster
and nosier
Una closes her eyes

puts her hands
over her ears
to shut out
the love making noise

next door
beneath her
the soft mattress
of the bed

she pretends Nuala
is there with her
making love
inside of her head.

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Comments (2)

This is a very interesting poem. Let us hope that Nuala gets a piece of the action later! I'm a great fan of Sappho so it's refreshing to read something about Women in love with women. Well done. I was a bit mean with your last one only giving it a nine. So I'll make up for it and award this a ten! Tom Billsborough
good flow.. keep it up thank you