Poem Hunter
NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)


Poem By Not Long Left

like an ant hit by a droplet of rain,
the force of your sadness hit me hard,
your desperate peircing eyes,
like a laser shot through to my heart.
like a mute my words of hope were not heard.
your thoughts were trapped in a well of turmoil,
my arms wrapped themselves around a cold statue,
all emotions trapped inside the cement like exterior.
to see such sadness yet be unable to lift the burden of despair,
just stand and stare.
and seek to find the word to take your pain away,
to a place where you would smile and sing,
and love the world for the joys it can bring.
such a silly thought,
one of a useless poet,
and even worse lover.

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your thoughts were trapped in a well of turmoil this verse is worth gold