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Whence by far
Be it my time
I await here alone
What I wait for
I know to me
Will return today

Be there tomorrow
My hearts beats anew
While I breathe still
Time remains strong

But once I was
Where I'll never be
Gathering my moss
And listening to breezes

Time calls me over
Tide washes over me
Mine I have abandoned
Yours I'll take no more

The yesterdays that've gone
Those tomorrow's we hope to see
How I yearn to be
Where I'll never ever be

One strange premise
One strong phrase
Will I yield no more?
What lies ahead?

Joyfully I walk
My tomorrow roads
Happily I skip along
My paths in time ahead

My spirit yearns for more
My life wants to grow
Time heals much pain
And time yields much more

Love encompasses a great deal
I for one ought to know
Being bereft of it all
And with a surfeit of love

Take my train to nowhere
Fly my horses into the sky
I'm alone on a happy ride
To my lands in yonder land

How I dare to be
And to believe, I dare
Holy acrimonies arise
In a shelter of words

But take a time to decide
If it's worth scratching at all
Best leave some things be
Life it wants to keep moving

You want to stick
You might as well move
Getting stuck in life
If a wholly unhealthy proposition.

by tom thump

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