How shall I know her, God, in that great world,
After the grief of this is past and gone?
How shall I know her when our souls are hurled
Like atoms thro' the night? On that white dawn
How shall I know it is her face that I shall look upon?

Wan spirits, we shall journey thro' Thy land,
The mist-like wraiths of what we used to be;
O shall I know the pressure of her hand,
And shall I recognize her call to me,
As I do now? Is love the same thro' all eternity?

How shall I know her, God? I ask but this,
To be assured--a child who is dismayed.
Let me be told that I shall feel her kiss.
... There is no answer! Lo! my faith is weighed.
Ah! somehow I shall know her, God. Hush!
Love is not afraid!

by Charles Hanson Towne

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