WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Unanswered Letters

Unanswered Letters
Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Friday, January 28,2011, @ 6: 22 AM

She has made it apparently clear
The letters that I write falls on a deaf ear
What have I done wrong I'm not aware
For the love, I feel inside is still there

If only I knew I could've made it better
She refuses to now answer my letter
Her love fit me like a warm cozy sweater
Haunting my dreams for I cannot forget her

Like a stifling man needing air
Attitude given is so unfair
Without you, I am nowhere
For no other woman to you can compare

Not hearing from you is like a nightmare
My eyes for you I will impair
In the midday sun, I will stare
For life without you, I cannot bear

My solemn oath to you I do swear
Wanting you for life for we are the perfect pair
Moments of heavenly delights we do share
A better life for us I came back to prepare

Questions asked do I dare?
Is it your intention to give me a scare?
Are you taking your love elsewhere?
Has my circles now turned square?

I was always looking out for your welfare
My precious gem found so rare
This is leaving me in utter despair
My heart is in need of a desperate repair

Hurting so badly if you are unaware
On my sleeves my heart I wear
Down the middle of my soul, there is a tear
Broken my heart for I have not a spare

This to me is not fair
Each night I recite for you a prayer
My spirit now bound to a wheelchair
My love for you I'll always declare

No more do I hear the fanfare
No one is longer home when I get there
Broken are all the drums of snare
I lay back in my lonely armchair
The lust for life I no longer care

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