Unanswered Questions

Poem By Mary Lyle

When shall my weary heart prevail from this ceaseless pain?
Aching, my burning heart's love lost indefinitely.
So long ago, soulmates in unity.
Such fiery love like the passion of night.
Has my butterfly flown away for an eternity?
Open arms embrace your welcome;
As parched ground yearns for rain.
Regrettably, gnarled hearts transpire.
Happiness slipped through fingers like sands of time;
Descending into tiny crevices.
Two hearts shall timelessly beat intertwined through time.
Woven together like vines;
Yellow rose, black rose, and heart - an infinite trademark worn only by you.
Our undying destiny only to one another; Denial none.
The path home again; Sorrowful parting, perhaps painful companions?
Behold new loves, the grass greener for a moment in time.
Brick walls now encompass me.
My hands washed clean only to soil those of a Higher power.
Fate; destiny of two relinquished in time.
The crystal ball of my soul's depth, once clouded with dense smoke,
Has grown clear, revealing butterflies and princesses fluttering magically,
Soaring happily forever more.

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Written with such emotions...well done

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