AK (04 06 1987 / Bath UK)

Unawnsewerd Questions

A load of questions not answed.
A lot of wondering why.
Will I ever get the answers I seek?
Will I ever no why.

Why did they rape me.?
Why did they abuse me.?
Why the hell pick on me?
Will I ever understand?

I can never comprehend
Why and how one could
Do such a vile thing.

Mabey I'll never really no.
But would I really want to no?
Probally not.

I wish I could have my questions answered
Wish I could now know why.
I doubt I'll get my answers.

Its just another thing to accept
That no matter how long I wait
I probaly never will no.

So now I must find a way
To deal with things.
And accept that however long
However long I wait I'll neve no

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