Sitting Here
Tears Streaming Down My Face
You Say You Love Me
But I Still Have Yet To See Your Face
I Close My Eyes
And You're Right There
I Miss Your Touch
And I Miss Your Kiss

The Thing I Miss Most
Is Your Body Against Mine
I Can't Stand To Hear Your Voice
Because The Pain Tears Me Apart
I Wish You Were Mine
Right Here By My Side
But You're So Far Away
When You Live So Close

The Pain Is Unbearable
I Can't Take It
I Can't Seem To Ease It
No It Won't Go Away
Baby I Wish You Knew
How Much I Really Care
I Didn't Mean To Break Your Heart

It Was Something I Didn't Have Planned
I Know You Forgive Me
But Somehow I Don't Believe
Baby One Last Time
Will You Come Back To Me?

by Angie Fye

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