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Racing tsunamis
Bring an old type of death,
Killing with drowning,
And smashing out breaths.

At first it was news,
12,000 it blew,
And then it was shocking,
50,000 they knew,
Then unbelievable,
100,000 it grew.

How can the relief
Save the masses from grief?
Will all the money
Bring back their beliefs?
Or will bitter set in
And hate hold strong
Through an unbelievable week,
Unbelievably long?

It's a second hand effort,
This helping the needy,
The second hand thought:
Not Americans bleeding.

So disgusted and drained
With nothing to do,
I pray the lord’s prayer,
With death as my muse.

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Like the double use of unbelievably...because it really still is, and the reference to the help and its nature is very good observation, calling a spade a spade. An excellent poem, timely, needed. Thanks, Sandra H