Unbroken Pages

If many books there is no end read, and reread worn to shreds. A token! Not so like the most knowledgeable book its pages not broken, kept clean and dustless on a shelf. Like bird seed without a bird. Know not its knowledge, that is endless, What was once and is, and always wilt be wonders to behold! But so heard! Life is the breath of love, where rivers of life flow. Soft winds echo, to see inanimate life to feel and glow But, do not sit and wonder, what life is all about! Break the book of knowledge and be not in doubt! The book of psalm, "the love song" no poetry can compare! "Mighty is the poet's pen sharper than a sword: to write such beauty in spiritual care." So too, the book of proverbs its infinity increases without bounds. Know thou also, "the book of job" A tear drop frozen on thy face! A must to be read, to each, and every heart to their own mental capacity!

by Elizabeth Tracy

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