Don’t Drink The Water

Ascending from the depths
of my personal sea of sorrow,
I feel the pressure in my body easing
as i get nearer to the surface,
The abyss no longer a blinding darkness

My lungs struggle to hold in the screams
that will surely deplete the last breath of life
left within my ravaged body

How close I came to succumbing to the wet blackness
How easy to just slip into the depths
And let the weight of my regrets
Carry me straight to the bottom
Ready to trade my last breath
For a cold refreshing drink of death

I somehow retained enough sanity
“Or maybe it was the just instinct”
To use my last ounce of energy and will
to push off of the murky bottom
and try to return to the surface
where life will hopefully be waiting.

As I slowly raise towards a undeserved second chance
I fight to stay calm as my heart pounds
And my mind races
Fighting the urge to flail franticly
towards the surface
where I can feel the sun
as it dries my waterlogged soul

and I can exhale the stale and dead air within me
And inhale the sweet freshness
of a new life

by Thomas King

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