SC (14th September,1971 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Unbundle And Untangle Worries

When life takes unexpected twists and turns
Don't harbor negative feelings deep inside
Express yourself and try to understand them
Don't let one bad thing cascade into another
Life is a long, challenging and a hard journey
And sometimes we are knocked off balance
So it is good to learn to untangle your thoughts
And feel the crispness in the air all around
Just have a plan in place for the daily battle
And pay attention to disentangle knots
Reflect on your feelings and face life head on
Cope with difficulty in the present moment
And catch up with everyday focused reality
Life is one big dynamic squeal of emotions
So accept them all as they appear one by one
Open the window and let sunshine in full
Absorb positive energy all around you
Smile with a radiant and an open heart
And move forward to unbundle worries.....

by Seema Chowdhury

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