Uncertain Memories

On a moon lite twilights,
I`m watching shadows figures dancing,
In the still of thenight,
Hearing enchanted melody,
So fimiliars by myside,
Reminding me of unspoken dreams,
I once come to know,
Has finally arrived,
With last summer breeze,
Finding it way home,
Upon my soft selfish cheeks,
Reminding me of a sad smiles,
A vision of us,
Motel, we sat in the dark,
Hearing rave music,
Taking us higher and higher to the fountain of youth,
And as our emontions bleeds flooding life misery,
And sacred words fills the air with ecstacys,
I held your hand as we exchanges emontions,
We`re lost in the world before times now,
While everything around us come crashing down,
We seem to be invisible from the hand of times.

by phung vo

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