FA (15/02/1982 / )

Uncertainty Of Tomorrow

You spoke to me about December 25th
And death took you away on December 15th
You sounded really excited about the plans you had
Plans for a day you will never see, a day you will be dead.

You ate miserly just to save cash for that day
Because you wanted to have fun in a big way
You said you couldn't wait for that day to come
But on that day, the grave became your home.

You were coffined six feet underneath the earth
With all dreams and aspirations scotched by death
Sadly, the cash you starved yourself to save
Was squandered as soon as you were put in the grave.

Your death was a big lesson to me
A lesson I got without paying a fee
Your death laid bare the vanity of dreams
The futility of our daily struggles
The inevitability of sorrow
And the uncertainty of tomorrow

by Frank Adie

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