Unchained Memory

Embedded in the graveyard of my mind
there lies a haunting, fervid memory.
Encircled by unyielding chains that bind
it's buried deep, restrained from breaking free.

Yet while subconscious thought retains command,
my dreams are digging for that lost romance.
The disappearance of seduction's hand
provoked the author of illusion's dance.

Determined to uncover love's embrace,
this visionary leader shovels fast.
In soils of yesterday it seeks a face;
the one whose brilliant light illumed my past.

Amidst the landslide of a broken heart
is found the casket sealed with sorrow's tears.
Exhumed, the binding links are cut apart;
in vacant dreams my exiled love appears.

Reviving passion lost with his demise,
this banished phantom soothes my aching soul.
Igniting sparks within my lifeless eyes;
his flame restores the fire his absence stole.

I'll let him rule my world of make-believe
until a love that's true brings my delight,
then in a goodbye kiss I'll grant reprieve
and set his spirit free into the night.

by Jo Lynn Ehnes

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