A Blessed Life

Whoe'er shall to this tomb draw nigh,
Behold, in death, a priestess lie;
I sacred Ceres first implor'd,
The great Cabiri next ador'd,
Grew old on Dindymene's plains,
And now my dust alone remains.
Alive, I seldom fail'd to lead
The sprightly dance along the mead;
I bore two sons, I ran my race,
And dy'd with joy, in their embrace.
Go friend; prepare for life's decline;
And may thy death be blest as mine.

by Callimachus

Comments (5)

It is a good creation of vikram seth.this is a love poem which touchs heart of the reader
Peacefully delighted the soul. Regards.
Very good poem. It touches me. I invite you to read my poem Oath and other poems please and write something. Yours, Gajanan Mishra
A fantastic poem. A very different subject and amazingly expressed with perfect simplicity. Thank you.
This poem shows a sense of alienation with the word 'love' which we all 'love' to talk about..'love your country', your 'man'..the list goes onn! Is it a coincidence that India is suffering from 'brain drain' and 'men'? ? ? ? (arent men from mars)