Uncle Jackson Coffie

Uncle jackson Coffie,
Gone out of our hands! !
Leaving Ghana to Sierra Leone many years ago;
But, your son, (my cousin) , Samuel Kwamena Coffie,
Is still growing strong and kicking with the muse of life!

You went to Sierra leone many years ago,
Seeking for greener pastures;
You suceeded!
And married many wives and had many children,
With the muse of your Diamond Business.

You built many houses as your business bommed;
Even though, you never taught of us back home in Ghana.
Yes, gone out of hand after many years!
Then, the Civil War came in;
'Blood Diamond'! ! !
Killing many people and destroying properties in the land.

Surprisingly, you cam home! !
And, you met your sister (my mum):
Telling us all that you went through,
With the muse of the Civil War!
With your body smelling like a dead body when we sat closer to you.

You hid yourself among many dead bodies! !
To save your life from the bullets of the Civil war;
'Blood Diamond'!
Killing and destroying everything in Sierra Leone;
However, you made it home leaving everything behind.

You hid yourself in the bush! !
Among many dead bodies;
keeping you alive for us to see you once again after many years in absence.
However, the life in Ghana wasn't suitable for you;
Thinking of the properties, wives and children that you've left behind.

So, you made up your mind to go back!
To Sierra Leone;
Hoping to search for your wives and childen,
With the muse of the wealth you had in Sierra Leone! !
And, you finally left us without a trace.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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Of all the physical blessings in the world, which is more important to a man than his wife and children?