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Uncle Malcolm
AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

Uncle Malcolm

Poem By Alison Cassidy

Uncle Malcolm
never married
Bought a house in Carlton
round the turn of the century
without electricity
or running water

Uncle Malcolm
never had a job
Invented ink in his spare time
Sold the patent
to Collies
who made a mint

Uncle Malcolm
walked to the cemetery
every morning
to fill a bucket
from a tap
by the gate

Uncle Malcolm
didn't have a bath
When Mum laid him out
she said his skin
was beautiful
and soft like a baby...

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Comments (9)

What a fine tribute to this gentleman who had it his way. You are a compassionate wordsmith. Love, Sandra
Alison, I like the unconventional ending... it fits quite well considering Uncle Malcolm's lack of conventionality. Great write! ! Brian
'... his skin was beautiful and soft like a baby... ' A fitting tribute to Uncle Malcolm, and a fine poem too. Ivan
Uncle Malcolm lived his life his own way, and this is a loving and detailed account of it. He sounds like a fine and interesting guy to me. With an obviously inventive mind. Very few people have enough of a sense of independence to plough their own furrow regardless of what the world thinks. Sounds as if he did. A fine tribute Allie. jim x
Strong men become children at the old age and your Malcolm uncle you introduce us in a special manner that I admired like your other poems, you analyze a character like Anton.Chekov, Good luck Alison!
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