Uncle Rajesh's Non Violence Preaching Game

Sunil Said To Anil.

'' With The Happening of Incidence
Let My Active Participation be an Assurance.''

Anil Quizzed Sunil.

'' With Your Statement Asking for a Clarification
May I Ask for a Better Explanation.''

Sunil Explained.

'' With the Insult of the Participation
Violence was the Ultimate intention.''

Sunil Said.

'' Not only has the Leader Questioned our participation
But also hinted at our Caste's Derogation.''

Uncle Rajesh Heard the Conversation.

'' With your Discussion deserving a well deserved break
Thrill and Excitement will be the word in Discussion
When a Game will have been brought to your Attention.''

Both Said.

'' At the Highest will Excitement Come
As a Game awaits to Come.''

Uncle Rajesh Said.

'' Fabulous will be the Word in Discussion
When the Quickest Clay Toy made will Ask for Attention.''

Both made a toy.

Uncle Rajesh said.

'' Your Next mission is that Similar
If in bringing the clay toy to it's earlier form you will be the Quickest
A Prize will have been brought to you at the Earliest.''

Both Said.

'' A Toy has been made by us with such dedication.''

Both Continued.

'' Why will tarnishing the image our intention.''

Uncle Rajesh Smiled.

'' You have just Answered the Solution
Someone has just answered my Question.''

Uncle Rajesh said.

'' Our Great Leaders have given their best to make the image Greatest
Similar to the Clay toy just made
But if destructing the clay toy happens to be your action
The Image is ought to be damaged by the violence and hatred.''

Uncle Rajesh Continued.

'' By Violence and bloodshed you can only show your Anger
but how come to the one affected by riots how can you be a stranger? .''

Both realized their mistake.

'' Violence and Bloodshed can only cause trouble and terror
Little do you know your concept is such Erroneus
For you are creating a crime Such Heinous, ''


by Rohan Bendre

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