Uncoditional Love

There are conditions attached to love among human kind
Though in dogs for their human masters unconditional love you will find
For a daily walk a few kind words and a daily feed your dog will be your friend
It will love you unconditionally until it's short life does end
If people in some ways were like dogs how great this would be
People would love each other unconditionally
Your partner would remain your unconditional lifetime friend
One you would love and trust and on fully depend
But the love for a dog for it's master and the love between two humans the difference is great
Many human marriages end in feelings of mistrust and hate
But your dog will always be your faithful friend
And will love you unconditionally until it's life does end
There are conditions between the loves of partners and between husband and wife
But your dog will love you unconditionally until the end of it's life.

by Francis Duggan

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