Itching, hurting burning in pain
Never feeling right
Underneath everything all there is
Is fight fight fight, fight fight
Rubber, plastic, wooden who knows
Everything’s feeling so wrong
It’s a shell a suit that just don’t fit
Something that don’t belong
I don’t want it wish I could re-turn it
So torn battered and bruised
Replace it with something better
Brighter prettier and new
Looking in the mirror front to back
Side to side and around
If only I had the chose to choose
Something worth more than a pound
The thing I have the thing I see
Not worth nothing more than a penny
Not a bargain not a good sale
Never wanted, just plain empty

Walking around always feeling
Like a tight fit
The skin im in will always be
Just as ugly as this

Cant hold my head high
When im in this skin
Nothing I do, nothing I change
Cant make me ever win
I cant breath it feels like
im being so squashed
its so horrible cant belive its real
This thing I got aint hot
So desperate to change what I have
I want to throw it in the trash
For something new something nice
Something shiny and flash

It’s a horrible thought don’t want to think
Get it out of my mind
Nothing will ever make it change
What I don’t need is time
Im stuck with it, im stuck with it
Help me someone please
But no exchange no returns taken
Because im just so damn ugly
Stretching pulling just trying to get comfy
Nothing ever works
This skin I have this horrid skin
Does nothing but hurts hurts HURTS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Re-designing drawing a re-sketch
Changing things here and there
But no matter what I change or move
Im ugly its soooo unfair
Trying to rip and damage this
Thing I’ve never wanted
Im just going to have to live life
Always having to be taunted

I don’t want what I have
Im sickened so deep inside
The thought of being so uncomfortable
I just want to die

by kate Emma

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