Unconciously Murdered

help me...
help me...
the bridge has been burnt down
burnt and irreplaceable
help me...
help me...
the building has been wrecked down
wrecked with a everlasting pain
this pain
so unfamiliar
help me...
help me...
help me...
these tears i cry
these songs i sing
the songs of once was a happy place
now torn down by the most crushing force
now wavering in the strongest wind
help me...
help me...
help me...
help me...
my last grips of sanity are lessening
my last grips of happiness are dieing
my last hope of life is burning
burning with a scorched tune
save me...
save me
save me from myself
my last bridge has burned down and i don't have the materials to rebuild it
my last place of exultation
so i cry
cry from this pain
so strong so hurting
hurting so badly
my home my haven has been destroyed
my tools my implements have all vanished
its too late now
too late to rebuild
now i must do something to make room for the new
now i must do something that was inevitable
they say..
that you see death before you die
you see his dark gloomy cloak in the most darkest places
you feel his cold touch
you hear the screams of all that have come before you
all singing one tone
the tone
of death...
i have lost sanity
i have fallen from joy
and now the clock is ticking and now
my time is up
all caused by one single hatred
hatred that went a rye

by montana hohensee

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Comments (2)

A poignant and capturing read Montana! thank you for sharing! Best wishes! Friend Thad
when hatred took over yer mind................what you would see, , , , , , , is the dark angels showing you the colors that hv made what is hatred was..! ! ! ! ! good writes anyway! ! !