Unconditional Boundaries

Beyond the boundaries
Of our very own affections
Beyond the boundaries
Of love and understanding
Beyond the boundaries
Of our knowledge and wisdom
Lies a space of openess
That excels our own expectations.

Here we find the opened arms of infinity
The opened arms of care and concern
The opened arms...
Of our deepest heartfelt love
That surpasses the immense intensity
Of every emotional and mental acceptance.
Here we find the reactions
From within the coffers of the heart.

It is here where we find
The confrontations of every illusion
Against the decisions of the mind.
This is where comfort rules from distress
And joy over rules sorrows of time
And the misery of being offended
Becomes a hurdle of success
Therfore building character and stamina.

This is where thought says
If I Could
But the mind says
Yes you can.
This is where the flesh says
I don't know
But the vision of the souls says
Go ahead for we're going to do it.

Unconditional Boundaries
Are not seen by the naked eye
Not heard by the natural ear
But are the phenomenal responses
Transformed before tragedy or storms.
It is THAT...that sees the object(i-v-e-s)
Before the film is developed
That makes the picture clear.

by Cecelia Weir

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