LMC (05/11/1985 / India)

Unconditional Love

I see your eyes and I can see,
Those words you never say but those you feel,
Though, we are so close to each other,
I see a mirror of silence in between,
In love surely everything is not said,
That’s because it’s all felt inside,
My heart can hear the message of your heart,
And so does your heart know mine.
It’s such a wonderful feeling,
A feeling of belonging,
As I belong to you from my heart and mind,
And from this body and from my soul.
It’s all that I want from Lord,
To bestow on you every happiness of this world.

A bridge of emotions that connects our hearts,
And the feeling of love wraps me in,
Until now I had pursued relations with people around me,
But this relation with you has made me what I always wanted to be.
You hold my hands and it drives away all my fears,
You smile once and it erases all my tears.
Some moments are so very precious that we are always fond of them,
But every moment spent with you is the fondest one.

I see your eyes and I can see my world in it,
You always charm me with your humor and wit.
This life is a beautiful gift,
But it became a gift after you entered my life.
I sit idle and ponder sometimes,
Do I stay in your heart the same way as you stay in mine?
But then I wonder the beauty of this adoration,
Every feeling of love fills me with admiration.
There aren’t any terms standing by us to judge the way we feel for each other,
Whether it is same or different, it doesn’t matter till we are together.

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